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Consultant-Coach. Storyteller. Games Maker.

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I’m a consultant-coach, storyteller, and games maker who combines business strategies with play to bring about positive organisational change. I’m an international speaker, and the creator of concepts such as Playmaking and Enterprise Gardening.

I specialise in Agile adoption and organisational change. I’ve had a number of roles over the years, ranging from Java developer, to development manager, Agile consultant-coach and facilitator. I’m passionate about realising and increasing human potential through Systems Thinking, Real Options and team collaboration. I strive to build effective and meaningful teams by pragmatically applying Lean and Agile Values, Principles and Practices.

I’m also the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, the first ever Agile novel where your decisions determine the outcome of the story. If you’ve enjoyed my sessions or my coaching style, you’ll love this first novel in the Agile Adventures series.

 The Dream Team Nightmare

You can find more games which I’ve helped co-create based on Real Options, Theory of Constraints and Lean on www.agilecoach.net. Have fun!

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Je suis consultante-coach agile à Londres. J’adore travailler dans les pays francophones. Je suis specialisée dans Scrum, XP et les principes et pratiques de Lean Software Development. J’ai occupé des postes variés allant de développeur Java et chef d’équipe technique à chef de projet et puis consultante. J’applique mon expérience comme geek et puis boss pour aider les entreprises à devenir plus agiles grâce à la collaboration et le coaching.

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