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Play for Your Life

Land of the Living Dead

Have you ever had an idea haunt you night and day for years and years? An idea that won’t be deterred in spite of all the naysaying and fear you can muster? The kind of idea that sends your emotions running wild as though you’re the live bait in a zombie apocalypse movie?

Finally, after almost a decade of creating and delivering weird and wonderful concepts such as Agile Fairytales, Enterprise Gardening and even the first ever Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel about Agile where you get to play the Agile Coach to save a failing Agile team in an online dating company, I’ve got myself a puppy.

Not the furry, lick-your-face-silly kind. Meet The School of Play, my new puppy of a startup, dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play. The School of Play is a popup school where we inspire and enable adults to make their dreams come true by nurturing their inner chimp and developing their play intelligence through play adventures. Consider this your invite to play like you’ve never imagined… Not just for your survival. For your happiness and overall well-being. Play soon!