Top Picks for XP 2008

The 9th conference on Agile Processes and XP will be taking place from 10 – 14 June in Limerick, Ireland this year. The programme has an interesting mix of Agile management techniques and technical practices.

Recommended Highlights

  • Mapping the Value Stream by Mary and Tom Poppendieck – because they’re always a treat to listen to
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change by Dave Nicolette and Lasse Kosela – because I’ve heard much about both of them and have yet to attend a session of theirs
  • Test-Driven Enterprise Code by J B Rainsberger – because Joe’s well-known on the Agile track and I would like to see Joe present
  • Coaching Self-Organising Teams by Steve Freeman and Joseph Pelerine – because Joseph’s a great speaker and it’ll be great to see Steve and Joseph pairing on a session
  • Open Spaces – because you never know who’ll show up and how the sessions will turn out

Beautiful Ireland

I’ve already committed to presenting at a number of other Agile conferences this year, so unfortunately won’t be able to attend this one. June’s a lovely time to visit Ireland, so I hope you get to make the most of your stay!

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