Coming Soon: XPDays Benelux 2008

If I could only attend one Agile conference this year, it would have to be XP Days Benelux 2008 because:

  1. It’s created by Agilistas for Agilistas.
  2. It attracts genuine practitioners of Agile.
  3. It’s organised in an Agile way.
  4. First time speakers are given priority over more well-known or experienced presenters to encourage knowledge and experience sharing within the Agile community.
  5. Presenters mingle 100% with participants beginning with the conference opening dinner.
  6. The Games Night promises to be V. SPECIAL.
  7. Everyone understands that the most effective learning and innovation comes from having fun.

The tickets are selling like hot cakes, so buy yours soon if you enjoy hunting werewolves while sipping beers brewed by Dutch monks!

My Top Picks

Presenters I’ve met and heard lots about, but have yet to see in action:

Sessions that look especially intriguing:

Sessions I’m looking forward to co-presenting:

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Why Me? – Pascal and I will be presenting this at a conference for the third time this year and it just gets more and more fun!
  • The Business Value Game by Vera and Pascal – My first ever conference was XPDay London 2004 where I played the XP Game run by Vera and Pascal. It’s a real honour to be co-presenting with these two!

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