Winter Wonderland

(Over two cups of hot chocolate and a bag of chips)

TJ: Your snowman‘s wearing a hat and scarf.
P.: It’s cold out.
TJ: Snowmen like it cold.
P.: They make him look authentic.
TJ: If you believe in fairytales.
P.: We wouldn’t want him arrested for indecent exposure.

It’s been an incredible three days in London. If weather forecasts are anything to go by, London looks set to get whiter before the streets are swamped in brown slush. It’s great to be amidst such rare loveliness.

During my two hour expedition across the vast expanse of village snowiness, I go past lumps, humps and stumps. Not a single snowman to be seen. Instead, there are large deformed balls of ice, speckled brown and green. Abandoned snowman wannabees litter the peaceful landscape.

Young children with makeshift sledges (made out of storage box tops and plastic trays) are having the most fun, lying belly down as they slipstream down slope after slope. And what about those teenagers with attitude, all kitted out in their snow gear with their designer snowboards, looking too cool for cats? They remind me of the fact that even if you had all the coolest kit in the world, you can still miss out on having fun. The KISS principle in action. How much fun did you have at work today?

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