Happy Diwali!

Today’s a special day for my team: we’ve got one more day before our Iteration 1 Show & Tell and, of course, it’s Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. During the second part of our standup this morning (what we call ‘Information Broadcast’ where we share useful information among the team outside of the 3 usual three questions answered in a standup), I’m told that everyone will be praying to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It’s natural to want a share of good fortune, so I ask by way of a reminder: ‘Will anyone be praying for us to reach a burndown of 0 story points by Thursday morning?’ And everyone laughs.

This is Day 18 with my team and I’ve learned many things from them including some Agile lingo in Hindi:

  • Grahak means Customer
  • Sahayog means Collaboration
  • S’mmaan means Respect

How did I come across such useful learnings? It’s thanks to one of the first team exercises we did: translating the team’s values as well as the Agile Values into Hindi. Seeing the team tackle that translation exercise is one of the most memorable events I’ll be taking with me when the time comes to move on to my next Agile team. I hope the translation exercise will somehow help Agile endure.

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