Investor in People

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

One of the best ways to learn is from people, irrespective of their age, level of proficiency, interests and habits. What better way to do that than to attend conferences?

I’m really excited about my visit to Geneva next week for 5 reasons:

  • It’s the first ever XP Day Switzerland!
  • It’s my first time to visit Switzerland!
  • Pascal and I are co-presenting our first session together in 2009 (and it’s always a guaranteed and healthy balance of hardwork, nervousness, fun and lots of laughter)!
  • We are presenting a brand new session titled ‘Les Cinq premiers pas pour devenir vraiment agile‘ (‘The First Five Steps towards Becoming Really Agile’) where we’ll be sharing the 5 most useful and effective tools we use as Agile Coaches!
  • We’ll be presenting in French!

Does it get better than this? Well, yes it does. The reason we continue to present at Agile conferences is because it allows us to better understand what being agile really means, to others and for ourselves. And why is being agile important? Because it enables us to better respond to change and deliver more value.

Survival of the Fittest

To many the recession is turning into the ultimate nightmare, especially for those who know they don’t know but don’t care enough to improve. To others, the recession is a gift. A chance to challenge our personal and professional beliefs and effectiveness based on how well we weather the storm. It’s true you don’t know what you don’t know, but that’s okay so long as you continue to learn and change for the better.

Fact: Time is our most valuable asset. Everyone has time. How will you choose to squander or invest yours?

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