XP Day Switzerland 2009 – A Retrospective (version anglaise)

What Went Well

What Went Wrong

  • We didn’t expect to have 60 participants in our session – the session was designed for between 20 – 30 people
  • There wasn’t enough room to network comfortably during lunch
  • One day is too short for such a great conference!
  • There weren’t enough interactive sessions
  • We didn’t do a dry-run of our session with volunteer participants


  • Where will next year’s XP Day Switzerland be held?

Lessons Learnt

  • Set a maximum limit to our sessions
  • Our personal agility is better judged by others than by ourselves because it’s usually difficult to evaluate ourselves objectively
  • The Agile Values are just as important for beginner-Agilistas as they are for expert-Agilistas
  • We become agile by always living the Agile Values
  • Hedonism means finding what you love to do and doing it such as egalitarianism, community and friendship
  • Being agile means knowing we don’t know it all
  • Suisse fondue is made with three cheeses (Gruyère, Vacherin and ?). Now I have an excuse to return to Switzerland to find the answer!

This entry is also available in French!

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