The Role of an Agile Team Member

TO maximise my contribution to the team
AS AN Agile Team Member
I NEED to be better than I was yesterday every day.

Acceptance Criteria

  • I apply the Agile Values at all times
  • I apply the Agile Principles and Practices
  • I take responsibility for the work I do
  • I prioritise my work to maximise value, taking into account risk, effort and dependencies
  • I do the work that bring the most value to the team
  • I take responsibility for the team’s results
  • I update the team on the progress of my work
  • I raise impediments, risks and issues as early as possible
  • I help remove impediments
  • I believe in collective wisdom: I trust the team to make the best decisions possible based on the information available
  • I understand how quality contributes to the overall value the team delivers
  • I ensure quality is built into everything I do, as defined by the team’s definition of quality
  • I minimise keyman dependency
  • I’m committed to Continuous Improvement.

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  1. Pat writes:

    Nice entries! Just wondering what prompted you to write about them? Do you think people have had a tough time discerning what the responsibilities of each role is?

  2. Thinking for a Change » Agile Role playing writes:

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