XPDay France 2009 – A Retrospective (version anglaise)

What Went Well

What Went Wrong

  • Catering: Starters and mains looked good, but weren’t very tasty
  • Wish we had ice creams during the break by the lake on a beautiful summer’s day
  • Missing out on Bernard ‘Ben’ Notarianni‘s outdoor guitar recital


  • What does it mean when we learn nothing after attending a session?
  • What does what we think of others tell us about ourselves?
  • What is the acceptance criteria for selecting a keynote speaker?

Lessons (Re-)Learnt

  • We can only change ourselves
  • Everyone has value
  • The way we play games reflects the way we work
  • The importance of practicing The Responsibility Model by Chris Avery on ourselves


  • To Sara Lewis and Raphaël Pierquin for helping to translate ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Why Me?’ en français
  • To Laurent Morriseau for helping to translate The Business Value Game en français
  • To Pascal for writing up and making available the participants’ retrospective feedback on the ‘Mirror Mirror’ session here
  • To the organisers of XPDay France for making so much fun in one place possible!
  • To all the Agile Fairytales enthusiasts for their support in helping Agile Fairytales grow!

This entry is also available in French! Also, you can find out what others thought about our sessions on agilecoach.net.

2 Responses to “XPDay France 2009 – A Retrospective (version anglaise)”

  1. Thinking for a Change » XP Days France 2009 - a retrospective writes:

    […] the BusinessValue Game in French with Portia and Laurent Morisseau. Watch out for BVG v2.0 soon with French and English […]

  2. Chris Hedgate writes:

    Regarding “What does it mean when we learn nothing after attending a session?”. How do “we” know we did not learn anything?

    Also, I am reminded of Weinberg’s Target (from Becoming A Technical Leader): “When I am done with them, are they less interested in the subject?”. If so, then he says he has failed. This is his target when giving workshops, writing books etc, but I think we can apply it to ourselves when participating in a session.

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