Help Grow the Agile Fairytales Community

Help Make Your Dreams Come True!

Making Dreams Come True

We’ve created a virtual space to grow the community around the Agile Fairytales. It’s a place where you’re invited to share – be it thoughts, ideas, feedback and anything else that you deem relevant to the group.

You’re invited to use the space to:

  • Exchange stories on how you first came across the Agile Fairytales
  • Share your experiences of how you use the Agile Fairytales at work and at play
  • Broadcast upcoming events featuring Agile Fairytales.

We’ll also use the space to:

  • Broadcast upcoming Agile Fairytales sessions
  • Agile Fairytales releases and updates
  • And, of course, we’d love to hear your ideas on how to spread the joy and share the fun! 

Meanwhile, read more about the adventures of Agile Fairytales here. And why not experience the adventures for yourself? Find out when the next Agile Fairytale coming to a place near you. Watch this space!

Count Me In!

To join in, sign up to the LinkedIn group and send a request to join the group. In your request, tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to join the group.

Meanwhile, keep well and I hope to see you at an Agile Fairytale session soon!

2 Responses to “Help Grow the Agile Fairytales Community”

  1. Tim Bailen writes:

    Hi Portia,

    I hadn’t heard of Agile Fairytales before, but it’s purpose “Rediscovering the lessons we learned as children ~
    but have since forgotten” reminds me of a Jim McCarthy quote I heard recently- “Leaders go first… that is all.” Any child could tell you that, and yet look at how complicated we’ve often made the definition of “Leadership.”

  2. Turku Agile Day 2010 – A Retrospective | Selfish Programming writes:

    […] What’s more, Thank You! for all your feedback. You’ve given us great ideas for improving the session and turning it into even more of a show! You can learn more about the Agile Fairytales community here. […]

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