IIBA UK Chapter Event – 14 October 2010

A great opportunity to learn and network 

I’ve been invited to present a 45-minute introduction to Agile titled ‘Agile in a Nutshell’ at the next IIBA UK Chapter Event on 14 October 2010. Join me in an introductory interactive session to the core concepts of Agile and identify ways in which you can try out Agile concepts in the way you work.

Also speaking at the event is David Avis from Barclays Bank PLC who will be talking about the importance of building BA communities.

The event will be hosted by Barclays Bank at their Global Head Quarters in Canary Wharf. It is free of charge to all, however the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to benefit Cancer Research UK will be available. I hope to see you there!

6 Responses to “IIBA UK Chapter Event – 14 October 2010”

  1. craig writes:

    Hey what’s your angle for this audience?

  2. portiatung writes:

    Hi Craig,

    I’ll be covering the Agile (XP) Values, some basic principles and practices. Plus touch on the responsibilities related to business analysis.

    Does this answer your question? Why do you ask? Will you be joining in on the fun?

  3. Genevieve writes:

    I’ll be at the session primarily to hear David’s views about Communities because we’re trying to start one for BA’s here. It was a nice surprise to see that you are a speaker and look forward to your talk.

  4. portiatung writes:

    Hi Genevieve,

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. RP writes:

    Loved your presentation on Agile in a nutshell at Barclays last night!

  6. Ztauseef writes:

    It was a very good presentation. You are good!

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