My 30 Day Challenge: Sneak Preview in Production


As Cinderella said to the Prince, “Better late than never.” The fact is, I actually published my 30 Day Challenge deliverable 22 hours ahead of schedule! I’ve released a sneak preview of the top secret project I’ve been working on.

Get your first glimpse of it here on Leanpub. Amuse-bouche, amuse-toi!

The official launch of the full adventure will be on 6 June 2012. Happy glimpsing until then.

Special Thanks

This book would not exist if it hadn’t been for the huge support from everyone who has encouraged me to keep writing and gave me the gift of feedback as well as advice when I needed it most.

Special thanks to the following daring Agile Adventurers:

Dan Talpău, Monika Koscian, Staffan Nöteberg, Steve Hollings, Antti Kirjavainen, Thorsten Kalnin, Alissa Fingleton, Chris Bird, Benjamin Tung, Maya Tung, Adrian Tung, Dyan Corutiu, Maria Bortes, Tamas Jano, Ioana Jano, Chris Hogben, Simon Parkinson, Sandro Mancuso, Pete Thomas, Mazda Hewitt, Vera Peeters, Jenni Jepsen, Yves Hanoulle, Steve Holyer, Clarke Ching, Phil Trelford, Graham Lee, Markku Åhman, Kevlin Henney, Eoin Woods, Simon Brown, Nat Pryce, Jens Hoffmann, Chantal Ellam, Sara Lewis, Sharmila Sabaratnam and Steven Smith.


5 Responses to “My 30 Day Challenge: Sneak Preview in Production”

  1. YvesHanoulle writes:

    I did not know when I was reading your beta versions it was part of a 30 day challenge.
    (I guess getting married while writing a book, is not good for my blog reading 😉 )
    Anyway I think you do yourself a disservice by calling yourself late. You know your book was finished. You were only an hour late, because some punk from Belgium gave you some wrong advice on how to add a cover (and you did not want to publish the first version without the cover)

    This is what I think about the book:

    What you publish tonight, is a rare piece of art. Art usually is created in a very short time, yet it can not be created without the lifetime and the experience of the artist. Not only did you managed to put so much wisdom into this book, you also reinvented the format of agile books.
    Although it looks like a book, it’s also a course, a game, an adventure, a quiz, dare I say even a fairytale?
    This was the funniest, most inspiring agile book I have ever read. It instantly became my favorite book to give away.

    Congratulation for writing such a wonderful book.
    And thank you for sharing all your wisdom.


  2. portiatung writes:

    Hey Yves,

    Thanks again for all your support, advice and help! I’ve had an amazing 30 days so far and I look forward to the next 7 days until launch!

    – Portia

    PS My 30 Day Challenge was to get my book published. I actually started writing on Boxing Day 2011 in preparation =>

  3. YvesHanoulle writes:

    now you are using leanpub, your next book can be published it from day one 😉 (or at least have that part figured out while writing..)

  4. Alissa writes:

    Well done Portia, you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck with the launch.

  5. portiatung writes:

    Turns out I wasn’t late… I released 22 hours earlier than the 30 Day Challenge deadline. Time flies by when you’re having fun!

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