Beyond the Postern Gate

Old Friends

Last weekend, I went to visit my old friend Thomas Hardy, one of the greatest English writers to have ever lived. Although he wasn’t at home, there was a lovely lady from the National Trust┬ácalled Harriet to let us in.

It’s been almost 30 years since I last stepped over the threshold of Hardy’s cottage. Back then, I had dreams of becoming a writer. Of making a positive contribution to the world. And many more great things besides. You know, the usual dreams of many teenagers. The kind of dreams when we were still young, naive and earnest.

As I wandered through Hardy’s house with my new family, all those dreams came rushing back, beckoning me to hurry up if I’m to achieve all of them before the time comes for me to rest. In peace.


I knew I had come to visit Hardy for a reason. And this is it. To be reminded that we could sleepwalk through most of our lives by keeping busy, doing good and having fun even, but ultimately being distracted from figuring out what truly matters to us.

A Life’s Work

It would be a shame to only realise this when the postern gate is about to close behind us.

What can you do to make more of your life now? How can you make a positive contribution to the world today?

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