A Healthy Mind Demands a Healthy Body

(During training for a 10k near you)

Brad the Instructor: Look around you!
Brad: Joining a gym doesn’t make you fit by default.
Brad: Neither does working as an instructor.
Brad: Remember team: a healthy mind demands a healthy body!

According to Brad, there’s no need for drugs, state-of-the-art equipment or colour co-ordinated lycra gym kit to get the job done. Brad believes that healthy people are a result of will, discipline and perseverance. So why not take part in a 5k or 10k run near you?

One good deed a day

Fancy dabbling in a bit of wealth re-distribution? Or may be just some Plain-Old-Sustainable-Philanthropy? Here’s your chance! We’re hoping to raise £1,000 plus I’m training for a new personal best of 10k in 55 minutes. Sponsor Pascal and me for the Cancer Research 10K at Hampton Court on 27 September 2009.

Happy exercising! And Thank You!

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