Return from Wonderland

A little imagination leads to great wonders

Imagine. It’s 3.35 pm on a warm summer’s afternoon in New England. I glance through the four-line subway map of Boston and what do I find at the end of the Blue Line? I rub my eyes with balled fists. There, plain as the nose on my face, is a stop named Wonderland. All my life, I’ve been convinced that Wonderland was a place of fiction. I was wrong. My heart’s aflutter. Wonderland exists. And it’s here. In Boston.

Now imagine this. What if not everything you believe in is true?

A week on and where do I find myself but at the doorstep of Arthur’s Seat? Have you noticed how we’re surrounded by stories straight out of books? Alas, that steep hearty 30-min climb is not for today. It’s pencilled for my next visit to Edinburgh. How much wonder have you experienced today?

2 Responses to “Return from Wonderland”

  1. g. writes:

    wonderland..if you’re into romantic comedies, you should watch next stop wonderland

    P. a agile developer who’s reading your blog…

  2. portiatung writes:

    Hi G.,

    You’re the second person to mention the film. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve added it to my DVD rental list!

    – Portia

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