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A glimpse of my personal play history

When I look back at my working life to date, there’s a moment that stands out from all the rest.

It’s 2002. I’d been working for several years and had come to terms with what most people would describe as your typical “working life”. I worked hard and always tried to do my best. Sometimes that was good enough, at other times, it wasn’t. Then one day, as I sit in my dentist’s waiting room, I pick up a glossy magazine because my appointment was running late. An article about work catches my eye.

Against a backdrop of glamorous smiles and beautifully coiffed heads, a journalist told me that “We spend more than 75% of our waking hours doing work and work-related activities.” As though that were not sufficiently terrifying, she went on to say, “The average working person will spend more time in their entire lifetime with their colleagues than their loved ones.”

Quick as a flash, a quiet resolve forms in my mind. Life’s too short to spend it on doing what you don’t enjoy with people who’s company you don’t care for.

Ever since then, that’s been one of my guiding principles on how I choose to do my work. It was difficult at first but I found that with practice I could create opportunities for myself and others to do more meaningful work that I’ve come to describe as “Playmaking“.

Where next?

If you want to find out more about Transformative Play and get ideas on how to satisfy your recommended daily amount of play at work, join me at Oredev on 9 November in Sweden where I’ll be presenting on “The Power of Play – Making Good Teams Great“.

In addition to the latest research behind the power of play, there’ll be lots of fun and games including:

  • The game of “Play or Nay!”
  • The Sorry Story of the Sea Squirt
  • Explore your personal “Play History”

I hope to see you there!

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