The Role of an Agile Business Analyst

TO maximise the effectiveness of the customer of the product
AS AN Agile Business Analyst
I NEED to help the Agile Customer discover the goals and needs of the customer of the product.

Acceptance Criteria

Those of an Agile Team Member plus:

  • I have a good understanding of the business domain and business goals
  • I have strong facilitation, communication and analytical skills.


  • I help clarify the goal and business value of Minimum Marketable Features
  • I assist the Agile Customer in writing user stories to the level of granularity required by the team, in collaboration with the team
  • I help clarify any ambiguity until it is understood by the team
  • I review user stories with the Agile Customer with a strategic point of view
  • I capture and keep the business rules up-to-date
  • I capture and keep the data rules up-to-date
  • I help remove business-related impediments raised by the team.

Prioritisation and Planning

  • I provide business information during Release and Iteration Planning
  • I help review, refine and re-prioritise the Release Backlog, also known as Backlog Grooming


  • I help produce acceptance tests from acceptance criteria
  • I provide regular feedback by testing the deliverables against a user story‚Äôs acceptance criteria
  • I provide regular feedback by validating that the product meets the business goals.

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2 Responses to “The Role of an Agile Business Analyst”

  1. Gillian Petrova writes:

    I would just like to say that you have quite succinctly defined the role of an Agile Business Analyst. It is a myriad or greys but I like your definition and when I tried to define it on my blog I concentrated on the documentation aspects of Agile.

    I will look forward to your posts – you have your heads switched on.


  2. Thinking for a Change » The cost of confusing requirements and solutionse writes:

    […] it requires is someone to play the role of analist to help the customer clearly describe what they need. Someone who acts like a detective to discover […]

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