The Role of an Agile Project Manager

TO create value for the organisation
AS AN Agile Project Manager
I NEED to do whatever it takes to ensure that valuable projects are delivered now and in the future.

Acceptance Criteria

Those of an Agile Team Member plus:

  • I apply the servant-leadership style of management
  • I have experience of Agile projects
  • I have strong facilitation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • I take responsibility for the project members and their deliverables
  • I take responsibility for communication within the project
  • I take responsibility for the project’s resources.


  • I track project risks and issues arising
  • I actively manage project risks so that they don’t turn into issues
  • I ensure that project impediments are removed
  • I establish what the team can decide independent of me
  • I track and communicate the real state of the project.

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