The Role of an Agile Developer

TO deliver business value now and in the future
AS AN Agile Developer
I NEED to implement  stories with high business value using good techniques and practices.

Acceptance Criteria

Those of an Agile Team Member plus:

  • I have a good understanding of software engineering practices.

Development and Testing

  • I ensure I have enough information to estimate user stories
  • I ensure I have enough information to write unit tests when implementing user stories
  • I ensure I have enough information to design and develop code
  • I test deliverables against a user story’s acceptance tests
  • I ensure Continuous Integration and Build is in place
  • I perform peer reviews
  • I collaborate with architects and other developers to produce just enough design
  • I ensure just enough technical documentation is provided
  • I help remove technical impediments raised by the team.

Technical Backlog

  • I write technical user stories
  • I clarify any ambiguity with the Agile Customer
  • I collaborate with the Agile Customer to assign business value to technical stories.

Agile Estimating

  • I provide estimates to the required level of accuracy for stories and tasks.

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One Response to “The Role of an Agile Developer”

  1. Laurent Cobos writes:

    It’s amazing to see lots of initiatives like this to define what an Agile Developer must be.
    I’ve seen an article from the Scrum Alliance, they’re thinking about “Certified Scrum Developer”..
    I particulary like your implementation of the Agile Developer, I share your vision and I’ll try to promote this vision.

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