The Agile Apprentice Meets the Agile Coach

J.: So you’re an Agile Coach?
P.: I like to think of myself more as an Agile Apprentice.
J.: What’s an Agile Coach? What do they do all day?
P.: For me, being an Agile Coach is about creating teams that deliver value now and in the future.

The Agile Coach: A User Story

TO create a team that delivers value now and in the future
AS AN Agile Coach
I NEED to help people to reach their full potential.

Being an Agile Coach is one of the many roles I adopt when working with teams. As an IT professional, I usually have one or more roles.  When I work with a team, my roles range from Agile Team Lead, Agile Team Member and Agile Coach to IT Consultant.

To have great coaches, there must be great teams

In our pursuit to become better Agile Coaches, Pascal and I have begun publishing a series of blog entries in the form of an Agile Coach Log to share our approach, experiences and tools on Agile Coaching so that we can learn to be better than we were yesterday every day. We hope you’ll join us in a bit of fun and  help us in our endeavour.

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