Agile 2009: Appreciations

Thank You! to Team Jenga (featuring Peter Yu, Syrous Delavari, Alex Dergousova, Boris and Kevin Mezick) for building the tallest Jenga tower at Agile 2009 by starting small!

Thank You! to Peter Yu, Syrous Delavari, Alex Dergousova and Pascal for a fun-filled day-out in Chicago – involving sensory modern art and a philosophical discussion on what it means to be an optimist and how to become one.

Thank You! to Matthew Edwards for finding the best sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to and then an act of unexpected generosity – he treated a random bunch of strangers-now-new-found-friends to dinner!

Thank You! to Matthew Edwards, Luke Amdor and Ola Ellnestam for a thought-provoking and hopeful conversation on what being agile means over dinner.

Thank You! to Jenni Dow and Ole Jepsen for their enthusiasm and open-mindedness on all things kaizen!

Thank You! to George Schlitz, Giora Morein and Brian Bozzuto for participating in The Bottleneck Game and The Business Value Game!

Thank You! to Chris Sims for his big cheer of appreciation and support when he discovered that Pascal and I share all our games under the Creative Commons licence so that we can all have more fun and be more effective at work.

Thank You! to Mark Striebeck for saying ‘Hello’ and doing the keynote at XPDay London 2009 – I’m looking forward to it.

Thank You! to Dan Mezick for introducing me to the PMI community and suggesting Pascal and I share our games with them.

Thank You! to Carsten Jakobsen for an enlightening conversation about CMMI and Agile and how they complement rather than compete with each other.

Thank You! to Tsutomu Yasui and Ebacky for sharing The Kanban Game at Agile 2009!

Thank You! to Christopher Avery for helping me better understand how to facilitate discussions about The Responsibility Model.

Last, but not least, Thank You! to the organisers, presenters and participants of Agile 2009 for making it such a great conference for learning and sharing!

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