The Role of an Agile Tester

TO know the state the project is in and identify where the team can improve
AS AN Agile Tester
I NEED to provide information on the state of the project.

Acceptance Criteria

Those of an Agile Team Member plus:

  • I have strong communication and analytical skills
  • I can perform different types of testing.


  • I assist the Agile Customer to define acceptance criteria and acceptance tests
  • I help clarify any ambiguity until it is understood by the team
  • I capture and keep acceptance tests up-to-date.

Agile Estimating

  • I provide estimates to the required level of accuracy for user stories and tasks.


  • I execute manual test scripts throughout the software development process
  • I run automated test scripts throughout the software development process
  • I provide up-to-date test results
  • I analyse test results
  • I automate test scripts
  • I collaborate with the team to answer queries and resolve issues and defects
  • I help the Agile Customer prioritise issues and defects.

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